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Busting Top 3 Bedside Table Myths

Clarity on Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are an important part of our bedroom. Generally, it performs a wide range of functions depending on the user. For instance, it’s a place to read to some users, while for others, it’s a place to keep materials that they love to have close by, such as their glasses, a lamp, or a portrait.

Well, there is no right or wrong. You are allowed to use the bedside table for the use that you see fit.

However, there is a wide range of myths when it comes to bedside tables. You have probably heard some of them yourselves, and you’re relying on them as you plan to get that bedside table. Guess what, they are just myths, and you don’t need to take them seriously. 

So you can know what you don’t need to pay attention to, in this article, I’ll tell you three bedside table myths that are quite popular today. 

1. You Need to Have a Matching Bedside 

A popular myth that you’ll have probably come across is how you need a matching bedside when it comes to space. So, you will probably spend a considerable time trying to find that balance and placing your bed in just the perfect middle of the room. 

While doing that seems like great fun, any statement that this is compulsory is merely a myth. There is no truth in it. This is because there are other ways to give your bedroom the harmony and balance that it needs for your satisfaction, 

For instance, a great way to get a great balance is through the colour scheme. With this, you’ll get a balance that maintaining equal space cannot begin to provide to your room. 

2. You Must Have a Table Next to Your Bedside

Another myth that’s quite popular today is that what must be by your bed’s side is a table. In fact, some people will go as far as stating that you need to have a standard table there or nothing else. Well, we are here to tell you that that is far from the truth. Such a statement is merely a myth that you don’t have to follow. 

For instance, this is a great opportunity to get creative. For instance, you can get a fun stool that brings glee to your bedroom. You can even go for a side table if you’re interested in having a table rather than the orthodox standard table. 

This will provide an increased aesthetic option to your room and leave you satisfied. Once again, feel free to explore what you place by your bedside.

3. You Must Access Storage Space Through Your Bedside 

Another myth is that you’ve got to use an option that provides access to storage space. The reality is that you don’t have to. While getting storage space might be good, you don’t want to get a piece of extremely big furniture just because of storage space. It’s your space, so be free to have fun with it. 

In Conclusion 

While these myths all seem like a fact, as you have seen, they are far from the truth. So, don’t let them guide your planning anymore. 

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